SONAX Tree Sap Remover 400ml

Tree Sap Remover is specially developed to remove tree sap, bird droppings and other organic deposits from paintwork, glass, chrome, vinyl wrap and plastic surfaces. Tree Sap Remover accomplishes an effortless clean look free from residues. Even high-quality XENON headlights and anti-glare plastic headlights in clear glass design can be treated without problems. It is also gentle on surfaces and is non-abrasive to your vehicle’s finish.

Start by washing your vehicle with car shampoo. Apply the product to the desired area. Tree Sap Remover takes effect in seconds and breaks down tree sap and other organic matter. Wipe contaminants away with a microfiber cloth to be as gentle as possible on the painted finish. Be sure to use tree sap remover with SONAX Polishing Cloths (SKU# 04222000) to achieve maximum effect.