SONAX Wheel Cleaner 5L

Sonax Wheel Cleaner 5L is engineered specifically for wheels that accumulate high amounts of iron-rich brake dust, oil, rubber residue as well as other road dirt and grime. This Sonax signature product changes colours from bright green to deep red as it interacts with material deposits, loosening it from the wheel. This formulation is also effective and safe for use on painted wheels; it will not deteriorate clear coats or damage corroded wheel bolts.

Apply Sonax Wheel Cleaner to any aluminum or aftermarket wheel and watch it take effect. Watch as Sonax Wheel Cleaner works its way in and turns from yellow to green to red as it pulls dirt and grime away from the wheel. Be sure to agitate or brush harder stuck on deposits to ensure deep cleaning. A simple rinse is a final task to restore your wheels to their optimum shine. The acid-free, pH-neutral formula is safe for all surfaces, including clear coated, chrome, painted and polished wheels. Sonax Wheel Cleaner is also available in larger formats for your cleaning convenience.